Support the development

Some words on the financial side of the project.

 Reason I started and continue creating RoW was my discontent with Minecraft railways including both vanilla minecarts and various train mods. Though, updating the mod and implementing new features is not as easy as it is for primitive mods adding new food or clothes. Since RoW adds an entirely new railway in Minecraft, it already has 31,044 lines of code, uses intense math and coding. Developing all of this takes a lot of time. I’d like to focus only on RoW, spending my whole time on it, but it’s impossible until the comeback for spent time and effort is allows me to forget about daily bread and all expenses of daily life. Therefore, I greatly appreciate any kind of support, no matter of it’s size.

Thing is, if 500 people give me 1$ each month, every single person won’t quite notice that, but for me that would be a reliable income allowing to stay away from some third-party jobs.

If you feel like that, you’re welcome to pledge me on Patreon, or just tell your friends about RoW!