Status update for 2018.02.23

A brief summary of the past year events.

  1. RoW community activity flowed into Discord. All the indev builds were/are published there and all discussions mostly go there. MCF, PMC, twitter are legacy entities. Curse page is used mostly for builds hosting, not for discussing the mod. YouTube is also just for hosting mod videos, it’s not meant to be a discussion place. This website is planned to be just a blog and info page. If one wants to be aware of all latest news and be in touch, joining Discord might be a good idea.
  2. Final 1.7.10 build was released on Aug 2, 2017 on Curse. No more updates for 1.7.10.
  3. Some indev 1.10.2 builds were published to Discord channel and are still available, but remember, they’re indev and lack much.
  4. Mod owner and developer (le me) is still a university student and study takes most of the time. I’m going to work on content and art part of the mod when there’s a small amount of time (like the Fowler engine you can see in this post), and do code when I have a bigger chunk of time.
    That would be the most efficient way to utilise my powers.
  5. 1.12.2 version is a priority now, skipping the 1.10 and 1.11.
  6. RoW development is focusing on narrow gauge and industry/machinery for now. Wide gauge will come later on.
  7. Big amount of rolling stock isn’t a priority yet. Functionality is, and when the core is fine enough and trains run without lags and bugs, more stock will become a priority.

That’s it for the moment. Many thanks for all my fans and supporters for standing by my side in these dire times.

I’m sorry for leaving this site without attention for such a long while. Hoping it will be more live now.