Q: May I put RoW into my modpack?
A: You are free to do that, though it’s not recommended yet.

Q: What program do you use to make models/textures?
A: DAYdiecast uses 3ds Max and Photoshop, I prefer Blender and GIMP.

Q: Will there be american/european/… trains?
A: Eventually. We decided to focus on russian rolling stock for the initial period and create a pack consisting of some light/heavy/tank/early locomotives, some carts of each type and some other stuff. After that we’ll switch our focus to other country.

Q: Why is X gone?
A: It was disabled for a debug.

Q: Do you plan adding modern trains and stuff?
A: Not right now. Steam locomotive mechanics should be finished first, then I can start working on diesel and electric. Also, modern stuff like signals or electronics is rather complicated and tricky to add.

Q: Can you add X?
A: No. We have limited amount of coders and modellers, and a schedule for all further development.

Q: But my idea/suggestion is very cool!
A: Still no. Anybody can make ideas. I can’t implement every idea suggested or add every rolling stock asked.

Q: I can make a model and texture myself!
A: 1) Adding rolling stock is quite complicated as the API is not finished yet. Thus we only add stock that allows to develop some certain features and part of code.
2) We have high-quality models&textures in the mod, and if your model is not good enough, it will break the harmony.

Q: Well, I want to help coding the mod.
A: You are welcome. But keep in mind that if you’ve just started coding and ‘can add a block and new armour’, your level is not sufficient for RoW.

Q: Do you need testers then?
A: We already have some.

Q: How can I help RoW then?
A: You can become a patron, make a single donation, or just place RoW banner in your signature.

Q: Will RoW be compatible with Railcraft, Traincraft, Steve’s Carts or Real Train Mod?
A: No way. These mods utilise different gauges and trains just won’t be able to ride tracks.