Approaching the Release

So, it was a long while since the last post, and it’s time to break the stagnation!

Good news for 1.7.10 lovers, the mod is passing final tests and a public version will be released these days. Whole log is yet to be composed, but the draft is over a hundred lines already!

The update mostly consists of fixes and patches, but lots of minor and major features were added as well, improving the gameplay. For example, boxcars how have inventories with GUI and in-game rendering, with ability to load and unload them via vanilla hoppers. On the other hand, rolling stock in general got a major improvement—now resistance forces and locomotive tractive effort are calculated dynamically, bringing mod physics closer to real life. Another long-awaited feature is ability to place ‘ghost’ track previews, which don’t take space or collide with entities, but allow you to see how much space will track need and clear out the landscape for your railway.

That being said, some minor bugs are yet to be fixed and tested before the release can be published, and I’m planning to finish that this week.

That’s it for the moment, thanks for reading.